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@Keith @nobody – I just wanted to update you both on this.

After speaking with my haematologist Vitamin E is indeed a powerful anti-oxidant and prevents from damage to cells. Now how it will apply to the break down of cells in healthy patients I can’t answer.

The mechanism is all about how it protects cells from oxidation and prolongs the life of cells therefore decreasing the release of uric acid release from there rapid breakdown. The general idea is mainly applied to people with secondary gout as a result of blood condition disorders. I am not sure however if they apply to medications that accelerate blood cell breakdown such as chemotherapies in cancer patients etc.

By no means are my ideas medically based neither are they provided as treatment options by the doctors I see but from my understanding I can see potential gains (decrease in UA) they may provide.

I’ve started a short 3 week course of Vitamin E (400IU) prior to starting febuxostat and I’ll be measuring my blood UA levels in another week or so.

I’ll update you and nobody with the results soon. Should be interesting.