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Keith Taylor

It was certainly my intention to keep the focus of this on getting mobile quickly during acute inflammation. So, please accept my apologies if I’ve appeared to be talking about habitual exercise during inter-critical bouts.

Perhaps it’s best to add “woolly-brained and fuzzy-focused” to the list. Also, something about weak wanker humor as the “mass debate” joke never raised a trace of laughter.

Anyway, I think the perfect solution is d_q’s “I think in future if an attack does strike I will take the more relaxed approach rather than express mobility.”

I.e. it’s up to each individual to act according to their own beliefs. Now, I realize that’s not very scientific. But, I can now see that there is no reliable science to determine the best course of action. So, if you believe rest is the answer, then it probably is. And if you believe getting mobile as soon as possible is the answer, then it probably is.

Because until we have a proper medical study on human gout sufferers, we cannot say which is best. Also, I imagine that even if this is done, it will always depend on several complicated mitigating factors. For example, what if mobility increases immediate pain, with no lasting damage, but quicker recovery from the acute flare? Then that’s OK with me because I can tolerate that pain. But a different gout sufferer might not find this acceptable.

Finally, I can see the start of at least 2 more fascinating topics here.

First is d_q’s interesting way of getting what he wants from his rheumatologist and what happens next. The second, perhaps related, is the merits of MRI vs Ultrasound. Though returning to hedging my bets, I have to agree with nobody that it depends on what you are looking for.