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@nobody – yes the injection was just for the pain and not for the inflammation. Even if you did take it for the inflammation it will ultimately solve nothing. Pain relief would come from it and ultimately it will come back unless we solve the UA crisis. Moving onto the MRI Ultrasound, the thing is I already had an ultrasound (twice in fact) once when I had my second attack to aspirate fluid which they couldn’t do and a second time long ago for pain. Fortunately returned a negative response for damage. Now an ultrasound wasn’t done for this particular situation however..! I have managed via my GP to arrange an ultrasound scan alongside the MRI. I agree about any fool can take an MRI however a qualified dude is required for an Ultrasound but the same analogy can be applied to a professional photographer with a rubbish camera or an amateur photographer with all the latest photo enhancing technologies camera. The point I’m making is the outcome of the MRI is simply more detail :). If ULT is 99% the right thing or not well I really have no idea? I mean you took febuxostat so you’ve got the best advice I can ever get about it. I mean I could potentially wait to see what both scans have to say but that would be another 3 week delay in starting febuxostat. The way I see it would be start ULT with febuxostat shortly after the Vitamin E test and then just take either colchicine or NSAID on the side which would ultimately protect me from acute attacks and maybe even solve the current pain.
How does that sound?

– I think your absolutely right on this point as I also forgot to mention that my rheumatologist suggested that gout pain control is very much down to the individual patient and how they find relief. So while one may find they get better or quicker relief resting another may find they get more faster relief by getting on their feet as quick as possible. Damage on the other hand is harder to predict. I would assume that how long you have had gout and what treatment was taken in the past will impact whenever or not forcing oneself to keep moving during an acute inflammation is actually counterproductive. I think the longer you have had untreated gout the more likely you might actually cause damage. But again, I am just drawing up scenarios in my head. The best way as you say would be to actually study it using a broad range of people over a period of time. 🙂