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if you’re confident ULT is what you need to do, what’s the point in trying to determine ahead of time what ULT would and wouldn’t solve? You’ll find out anyway.

This sir is indeed accurate and very true 🙂

I also assume you’d get a clearer pricture of the damage done by uric acid once it’s (mostly) gone than in the middle of the process (even if there was a point in having pre-ULT imaging, it’s too late for that now that you’ve spent quite a while under 400 umol/l).

True – to an extent. The reason for the imaging is to see if damage has already been done (I assume my doctor would know what damaged bone/tissue/muscle looks like [I hope]) and if he believes that ULT will actually repair anything that he finds. I assume if he spots a bone deformity then we know where we stand with pain relief right there. If anything its a way to get baseline images too. Ultimately I want to know if permanent damage has been done since the last attack. This constant low grade and occasionally high grade pain is debilitating.

Granted, I saw a bunch of clueless doctors but that kind of damage can’t be easy to miss, right?

Precisely why I forced the MRI on him. I mean if he or other doctors cannot interpret the ultrasound and the high resolution detailed images that will shortly be provided to him then what chance do we really have?

I know the attack was due to some Allopurinol induced ‘crystal dis-lodge or debulk’ or whatever but boy that crystal had a true field day and must have dis-lodged my whole foot with it.

My fault for not talking colchicine or NSAID with Allopurinol..? Probably.
My fault for even starting Allopurinol..? Who knows anymore.

Dissolving, Debulking, Dislodging, De-Whatever you call it.. Sometimes I think to myself this Allopurinol bulls*** really took me to the cleaners 🙂

Whoever is about to start Allopurinol please do not let the above deter you.

nobody – where are you based by the way..? 🙂