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@Keith – Thanks for that interesting article Keith. Gives me some hope!
Funny actually, my foot has been quite well today. Loving the Uric Acid Arthritis approach by the way.

– near a border in Europe.. Well well Jason Bourne 🙂

brother I had more blood tests since starting allopurinol then I have in the last 10 years so it definitely wasn’t a blood test thing. With regards to haemoglobin, well that doesn’t change in a week or two. Haemoglobin changes need a minimum of 3 weeks between tests to notice, aggregate, and finally create trends. The only delay I see was Colchicine but thats tried and tested now. Way too much time after stopping Allopurinol? It will only be 3 months tomorrow. I’m sure 3 months won’t cause any major changes. Anyway as explained I’m doing my trial Vitamin E blood test to check if there’s been any impact in a week and will be starting febuxostat after my visit with the professor mid-September. I remember you mentioned something about your haemoglobin dropping by 1.0 when you started febuxostat. Do you recall it returning to usual levels a while after starting? I’d really appreciate if you could let me know. Cheers.