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Hi Rich, You might want to read this as it could be helpful to you, as it was for myself and my gout problems. It does get a bit technical, but It may have some insights to some of your earlier questions.

[admin: link updated to more recent report]
Lu, Li-juan, Ning-Bo Hao, Jian-Jun Liu, Xue Li, and Rui-Ling Wang. “Correlation between Helicobacter pylori Infection and Metabolic Abnormality in General Population: A Cross-Sectional Study.” Gastroenterology research and practice 2018 (2018).

In this study, we revealed that H. pylori infection was in association with uric acid

Ndebi, M. E. “The assessment of risk factors, lipid profile, uric acid and alanine aminotransferase in Helicobacter pylori-positive subjects.” International Journal 6, no. 9 (2018): 2889.

Our study therefore suggests that H. pylori infection can cause modifications of lipid parameters and uremia that are considered as risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and gout. […] our data showed that H. pylori infection significantly modified serum uric acid level. Previous studies demonstrated that chronic H. pylori infection involves significant increase in uric acid serum level