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I knew you’d appreciate it so I got it tested again: no change, still a touch lower than it used to be but not weird.
Thanks mate, I do really appreciate it yes. Just out of interest it was a touch lower then your original levels prior to starting febuxostat right, not lower then it was when it originally made its first drop after starting?

I think it just came at a wrong time, starting allopurinol then going through an attack then inflammation (which can cause hg drop too). It all happened so abruptly in some accelerated mess. I mean even today some doctors are not entirely convinced it even was allopurinol and still think it was just some internal multifactorial infection/inflammation (not me though).

I would have to agree with you on certain aspects like trying febuxostat and colchicine a little quicker but bare in mind my haemoglobin only really recovered in mid-July or so. Still, as you say thats a month and a half too late. Anyway, I’ve got a blood test coming up to see where we stand. I also silently started vitamin E to see if that makes a difference.

p.s. How are you doing on febuxostat these days? Your previous unexpected attack gone?