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Oh nobody you do make me laugh.. I think its just we share similar situations here and there that makes our cases unique in their own right.

Well firstly I’d like to thank you for trying the combination therapy, your a true ‘internet friend’ speaking in your words, how did it work for you?

I know everyone reacts differently to medications but the haematology results are encouraging as I need that little bit of assurance with this ongoing pain right now.

I asked my first rheumatologist if it was OK to use NSAIDs with Colchicine and he said it was fine whereas the second rheumatologist said not to. So I guess that means Colchicine isn’t really an anti-inflammatory because they couldn’t be used together otherwise one could use Diclofenac with Naproxen.
I’m not sure if Paracetamol is an anti-inflammatory but I guess a little research answer that for us.

I’ve got my ultrasound coming up and am extremely anxious for the results.

But going back to two questions, how long have you been taking febuxostat and at what dose? Cheers buddy.

p.s. Jason Bourne is an actor in a famous movie called The Bourne Supremacy.
He is a secret agent hence ‘near a border in europe’