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Colin Purves

Consulted with Haematologist today.He thinks the Gout and over production of red
blood cells are not related.I had so many questions to ask that I forgot to ask about d.q.s previous suggestion that the breakdown of the dead cells leads to the release of uric acid,but that question is top of the list for next visit.
2 courses of action were suggested.Medication to control the over production of red blood cells or to take a pint of blood off on a regular basis.He suggested taking a pint of blood off as a starting point which I prefer.I can`t help feeling that this might help to alleviate the Gout to a certain degree,whilst the Allopurinol continues to do its work.
I read the Ibuprofen leaflet as suggested by Keith.It clearly states not to continue dosage past 10 days,so have cut down dosage after 10 days from 3 per day to 1 per day and hope to come off altogether as pain subsides.Have started drinking Celery seed,perhaps this will help.
The Allopurinol seems to be working.Where my feet were previously on fire,the past few days my feet are cool and my shoes feel as if they are a size too big.Knees are not as hot as they usually are and red blotches on the knees which were a permanent feature are lightening and mobility improving.
Cant help thinking that perhaps an increase from 100mg Allopurinol to stronger dose might speed up proceedings.
In any case,I think i`ve been naive to think the Gout could be remedied in a matter of weeks or months.As Patrick suggested there could be a massive build up of Uric acid crystals over time which may take some time to break down.
Next visit to GP will ask for comparison of Uric acid level,Haemoglobin,Full blood count.
Awaiting also results of Blood test for JAK2 gene,and Erythropoietin in relation to red blood cells.
Heading for Phlebotomy hopefully next week.
Hope I`m not deviating from Gout issue but nothing has been proven as yet,that the Gout and Overproduction of red blood cells are not related.
Continuing to avoid high purines,alcohol.Drinking plenty water,nettle tea,celery seed,cherry juice.Eating cherries.Cutting down on sugar.