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Keith Taylor

Thanks for the update, Colin. You’ve added some interesting discussion points.

Blood draw
There’s strong evidence to suggest that drawing off blood helps gout by reducing iron.

Allopurinol and gout pain
Allopurinol removes the cause of gout pain (excess uric acid) but this takes a long time. Also, it only works when uric acid is below 6mg/dL. So, you might be right to suggest an increase in allopurinol dose. But that has to be guided by blood test results. Never by gout symptoms. Because partially dissolved uric acid crystals can cause gout flares.

Note that gout flares that happen when uric acid falls towards 6 tend to be less intense and shorter period than gout flares from growing crystals. Also, the further you get below 6, the sooner this burden of old uric acid crystals that Patrick refers to will dissolve.