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Colin Purves

Thanks Keith for the links to drawing off blood helps gout by reducing iron and burden of old uric acid crystals. These are very interesting.
Just to briefly throw in to the mix.I had been trying to donate blood to the blood transfusion service over the past couple of years,but was always turned down because my blood iron was outwith their criteria,i.e. too high.Instinctively I had thought that a regular donation might alleviate the gout somewhat but had no proof that it would.
The second article certainly gives a better understanding of the Urate Burden in that,even though gout comes and goes,it never really goes away,and something I hadn`t contemplated was that the urate burden could spread beyond the joints and into the organs.
Will be asking for uric acid figures from previous bloods on next visit to GP,so as to compare with 6mg/dl.