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Keith Taylor

Gout, or as I prefer, Urate Crystal Arthritis, is a uric acid metabolism problem, not an eating disorder. So, a healthy, nutritionally-balanced, vegan diet should not make that metabolism worse. I.e. a correctly planned vegan diet will not hurt gout.

Unfortunately, we can see that most vegan diets do hurt gout. Presumably, because our bodies try to offset poor nutrition with extra uric acid. Who knows?! Because that study is based on statistics and has not yet been followed up with specific research showing why vegans are at highest risk of gout.

Most importantly, we have to put statistics to one side. Then, focus specifically on Martin’s vegan diet.

1. Is your vegan diet balanced? I don’t know, so we’d need to analyze it properly.

2. Is your vegan diet good for EDS? I don’t know, so you need to educate me about EDS.

3. Is your vegan diet helping your gout? I don’t know enough about your gout to answer that. But, I’m confident with more information I could make it so.

However, I do not believe it is possible for any diet to get uric acid safe when the baseline is 10.5 mg/dL. So, we’re going to have to find combinations of diet and medicine that tick all the boxes. Which depends entirely on keeping the open mind – but start planning and investigating – not searching.