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You apparently need a quick answer since you’re seeing your doctor tomorrow. So here goes…

Unfortunately, I very much doubt your doctor will have a quick fix. Gout is slow to develop and slow to cure. I fear that many doctors in this situation would tend to go with something like this: “your condition has improved and I expect it will keep improving, come back if you have another flare and in the meantime let’s do nothing”.
So my opinion is that the most important thing you need to do is to make it clear that you want to get to the bottom of this but that you are not demanding quick results that your doctor can’t deliver. If you indeed have gout, it will silently damage your body while you do nothing about it. So I recommend you don’t take “let’s wait and see” for an answer to your very serious symptoms.

About strictly medical stuff, the first step is that there are tests that need to be done to confirm that you have gout.
You didn’t say if you’ve had any tests. It doesn’t matter if you don’t type well but it does matter whether you are communicating all the revelant facts (like: the drugs you took have names).
You may have to do some research, stay on top of your test results and take charge a bit in order to make sure you are receiving halfway decent medical care.