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Considering you’ve been given an antibiotic, it’s evidently too early to conclude you have gout. Antibiotics weren’t even considered when I had my first flare.
A wheelchair at 40 isn’t a common outcome for gout in any case. Don’t worry about that.

Indo usually works well to relieve gout symptoms quickly if you take enough of it but sometimes you need something else to put the flare to rest for good. I never took prednisone pills (I take something more specific to gout) but I guess that should do the job.
You might want to ask the doctor if it would be safe for you to take a bit more indo next time.

It’s good to hear you had blood tests. Is that the only test you got so far?
Unfortunately, blood tests are often not conclusive for people who are having their first flare. If the doctor is still unsure about the cause of your problem after seeing the result, you might want to ask about less common (and more expensive) tests so as not to delay treatment in case you indeed have gout.
I recommend you ask whether the amount of uric acid in your blood had ever been tested prior to your flare. The results might be illuminating. It would be best if you got your results printed but you could also simply write down the exact value(s) for your uric acid test(s).