Reply To: Gout Diary – Gary Cork

Gary Cork

Hi, I just got my lab results back after being on 300 mg allopurinol since September 22, 2017, so that is 21 days on the new dosage, my uric acid reading is 387 umol/L. I also had my liver and kidney functions checked and all are ok except my Creatinine is 102 umol/L and the high range of normal is 100. I imagine I can cut back on meat protein although I do not eat that much possibly 2x per week.
Hopefully my uric acid level will continue slowly to drop. It has gone from a high of 519 to 397 up to 406 and then down to 387. This is over a 6 month period increasing my allopuriol for 100mg to 200mg to 300 mg.