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Keith Taylor

My approach is to balance your diet for health first. Then tweak your healthy diet to make it more gout-friendly inline with a comprehensive gout management plan. So, there is no quick way to make a Vegan diet gout friendly.

Having said that, I’m acutely aware of the need to present easy-to-follow gout-friendly eating plans. Hence my project to develop good gout foundation diets. But, as yet, I have not included veganism in that list.

My main reason is that I am completely uninspired by vegan diets. Everyone talks about cutting out all animal products. But nobody seems to be interested in how you replace the essential nutrients lost by those food choices. I find that frustrating, as I’m genuinely interested. However, no vegan so far has ever explained the benefits in a way that excites me. So, I’ll probably do more in future. But I’m currently focused on Mediterranean eating styles.

Interestingly, I’ve just read 9 points to a Mediterranean vegan diet. At first glance, those points seem relevant to gout health. But, I’ll have to study them in more detail.

So my question to Karen is: Can you inspire me to find a vegan diet exciting? ❓ Because Mediterranean eating has huge science-based health benefits. But mainly, it provides recipes that I’d love to eat. Maybe you could share some inspiring vegan recipes. Then I can say if they are gout-friendly. Or, how they can be made more gout friendly. Hopefully, you can explain why you find veganism so attractive.

As far as nutrition-so-called-facts is concerned, I find it a celebration of style over substance. There might be something useful in there somewhere. But I won’t waste my time looking. The first gout video I watched is appalling! I was tempted to do a point-by-point review. But, I don’t think it deserves any energy spent on it. Having said that, if anyone finds anything of value on there which isn’t on my website, please let me know.

By the way, Rhys, how can you be “mostly vegan?” Surely, you are either vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore?