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Colin Purves

Hi d.q., Yes certainly happy about current blood situation.When next consulting with haematologist will ask about platelet count and Vitamin E. Didn`t know it acted as a mild blood thinner.

Majority of gout attacks have been in the toes,and feet generally especially in the earlier years,and only developed in the knees in the past couple of years.
An interesting observation only recently and just after completing the blood draws was a gout attack on the toes on the left foot and mainly in the smaller toes, was that, after keeping both legs off the floor either by lying on the bed
or on the sofa which gave welcome relief and then when lowering the left foot on to the floor it was as if there was an enormous rush of blood to those toes which I can only describe as a horrible excruciating pain which prevented me from putting that foot fully on the floor,but after waiting for a few minutes it subsided somewhat.
It immediately came to mind,could this be anything to do with the blood draw offs making the blood thinner and subsequently the blood getting round the body a lot quicker than it would normally have done.
I`ve had gout attacks over the years but not in the same manner as that one.