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uric acid is 5.1 on a scale of 2.5 to 7.0 for women…I finally quit taking all diuretics as of yesterday ….yesterday took nothing and today…..the HCTZ is thiazide/sulfa and Lasix is sulfa too..both were making my mouth turn red…instant reaction..doc prescribed Edecrin 25 mg…its an ancient non-sulfa diuretic..loop…very strong..ototoxic…that is causing my toe to twinge big time…cut that in half to 12.5…….so now am gonna ask the doc if I can just take Micardis 80 and Colbenemid (yeah ..I know its sulfa based too but damned if I am spending $240 for Uloric monthly…past two days fewer twinges..mouth is better…seems like the redness is dose dependent….no edema…walked 3.2 miles this morning..usually I do from 3 to 6 miles daily..usually, 6.2 miles is my standard…

Am vegan and am now doing very low sodium, no processed food, have not had a drink of alcohol for 25 years so that is not an issue..and am thin.

I really have not had a full-blown gout attack for 20 I am thinking that if I can get off these diuretics completely and manage BP through diet/exercise and Micardis or maybe something else if Micardis cannot do it without diuretics…am just trying to keep my GFR

(59) out of the toilet until I am safely dead…been lining up kidneys from my best friend and spouse..but really do not want to go that way.

I try to stay around 21 grams of protein …no animal products at all…it really helps with gout…

Thanks for your response…felt like a dog wailing in the wilderness.