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Since Keith didn’t answer and in case you’re reading this Liz:

a) Genetics is usually part of it but it’s often also got to do with aging and/or people’s lifestyle (not just what you choose to eat). Sometimes the disease can be prevented and other times the genetics are unfavorable enough that there’s nothing to be done besides taking strong drugs every day once you reach a certain age.

b) In order to guess what would or wouldn’t likely to be a solution in your case, blood test results would be very useful. The number relevant to gout is uric acid.

c) I don’t know how much you take but I doubt fish oil is a major contributor. Your body might react to fish oil in a way that makes it seem like it’s the cause (the triggers people report for gout flares are often separate from the underlying causes) but something else is probably be going on. The same goes for aspargus unless you eat ridiculous amounts. Some mushrooms can in theory be a real problem but you’d have to eat a lot of them. Some drugs or medicinal herbs might also be contributing to the problem. But the main problems with what people eat and drink are typically animal flesh (meat, fish and so forth), alcohol and sweeteners (sugar, corn syrup and so forth). There are some differences between the effects of different types of meat but the amount consumed is a big part of the problem, with people eating a lot of meat being more likely to develop gout over time.