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In my opinion, you’re being obsessive about food.
To the extent that gout is caused by what you ate, it can easily be due to what you ate three years ago rather than what you ate yesterday. So you shouldn’t be too quick to blame particular foods for your pain.
Sticking to a vegetarian diet is reasonable because it works and it’s an easy rule to follow, especially if you happen to tolerate milk or yogurt well (these are generally recommended for gout by the way).
But I’d say worrying about a few strawberries is taking dieting way too far. If for whatever reason your body doesn’t like strawberries, fine: don’t eat any. But you should be comfortable eating a wide variety of plants, including fruits.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking drugs or not as long as your tests are good.
But if your joint problems are indeed due to gout, 7.3 is too high. What’s your average?
If you need uric acid control and you don’t want to take drugs, you’ll have to treat your naturopathy as if it was a drug: you need a large enough dose, you need to be regular about it and you need to watch for side effects. There are plants which are known to lower uric acid but taking a small amount from time to time won’t work, and neither will wishful thinking.