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Keith Taylor

1. Very important to stay hydrated on allopurinol. Does it not say that on the label?

2. Gout recovery is a slow process. My rule of thumb is around a month for every year of excess uric acid. But you didn’t suddenly develop gout 9 years ago. Rather, you suddenly noticed gout that had been developing for a few years. So it’s difficult to guess without your medical history. Nonetheless, I shall guess at 15 years, and further guess at 15 months for full recovery.

You can consider yourself to be free from gout after 6 months without a gout flare, as long as uric acid stays below 6 mg/dl (but always best to aim below 5).

So, Adrian, I would say everything is progressing for you as I would expect. And the real issue is why do you believe that migratory pains are *not* typical of gout?

By the way, “moderate” is quite meaningless – you can choose from Safe, Borderline, Risky, or Dangerous uric acid levels. 8 mg/dL is Dangerous, so keep taking allopurinol. If you want to recover faster, consider 6 months on a higher dose.

Finally, how much are blood tests for kidney function and liver function compared to a glass of wine?

P.S. Yorkshire sky is blue today (again) 🙂