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Yeah, it’s mainly the neck glands thing which would make me ask a doctor if it could be something else.
As to the migratory pains, you’d have to describe them a bit more but while gout can move from one place to the next, typically it doesn’t cause pains all over the body. Pains which move from place to place are also more typical of gout that’s been allowed to fester for some time or of the early phase of treatment. Typically, gout starts by affecting a single joint. So migratory pains aren’t surprising at this stage… but getting them right from the start is another matter.
Do you know for a fact what caused your kidney stone by the way?

Besides the fact that the liver and kidneys are rather important organs you don’t want to risk over a little money, it would be prudent to save the cash for a more formal blood test than you can get at your local chemist in order to make sure the tests you’ve been getting lately aren’t underestimating the amount of uric acid in your blood. There’s more than one testing technology out there…