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Adrian Parsons

The doctors draw a blank on the neck glands.
After the low carb diet when right big toe started throbbing, uric acid was found to be slightly raised – 0.46 mmol/L. At the same time I noticed my right hip had lost some flexibility which was weird. Then over the next weeks an ankle would ache, then a knee, then an elbow, once my jaw, then elbow other side then knee other side. I had a phase of getting bursitis of the knee if I ran or played football. Wrists would sometimes ache lightly. Now, 6 years on, all these places ache mildly and symmetrically except for my jaw which doesn’t. There has never been any redness or obvious inflammation although I feel tender knuckles if I knock on a door or painful knees if I kneel down for too long. Then, 7 months ago I tried Allupurinol at 100mg per day. Got my first proper gout attack a few weeks ago in the midst of decently low uric acid of 4.7 mg/dl and pains seem to have subsided all over. I found it all very confusing and wrote on this great forum.
My kidney stone was 5mm Calcium Oxalate Monohydrate.
I will get a kidney and liver function blood test.
Many thanks.