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Fred Deer

Have you tried Diclofenac? It worked for me. After 3 months of agony my first gout attack in my ankle cleared in 48 hrs. It was never diagnosed as gout as I never had a toe attack first so they told me it was a sprain. A wise nurse prescribed it to me.

I then did have a toe attack but all other attacks were in my knee and ankles so it took about 5 attacks till I recognised it felt the same and then ablood test confirmed it.

I only need take a pill when I feel a gout attack coming. It then subsides in a few hours but at most 24hrs. Sometime I need to take one or 2 follow up pills a few hours apart.

Before Diclofenac my gout attack would last a week or 2. I ended up walking on crutches diagnosed with arthritis.

My sign of an attack coming is waking up with a join pain somewhere in my ankle/Knee/toe that appears for no reason. That’s when i reach for it.

Changing my diet and stopping drinking had no effect.