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Hi Jesse!
I’m sorry to hear this.
Is there any reason you have not tried other drugs? 600mg allopurinol is obviously inadequate in your case. It looks like you might have a disorder which is making it difficult for your body to excrete uric acid. Some people take a drug to help with that in addition to allopurinol. You could also try febuxostat or simply a higher allopurinol dose but considering your SUA didn’t fall under 12 on 600mg allopurinol, a combination of drugs affecting different parts of the UA metabolism looks like your best option.
It might also be worth looking into pegloticase depending on where you live (or where you could move to receive treatment).
And as you probably know, there are also a bunch of drugs you didn’t mention which can be used in combination with colchicine to reduce swelling and pain.