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So you’re basically doing Ramadan?
As I understand it, 5:2 is something else (violent caloric restriction).

I occasionally indulge in this sort of light fasting (without counting calories when breaking the mini-fast). The hunger is typically more stimulating than debilitating, and makes for a change in one’s routine. The most obvious benefit however is simply that not eating saves time during the day.
I didn’t lose much if any weight by skipping meals but in hindsight it may have helped with my uric acid, BP and diabetes numbers. Something certainly helped. Maybe what did the trick was simply eating fewer simple carbs.
I’ve also tried proper fasting (eating nothing for a whole day or more) and I wouldn’t recommend that.

While simply losing 60 pounds (aside from any effect one’s eating patterns might have) could be enough to cure some people’s gout, a couple of warnings:
-light fasting might possibly reduce your uric acid during one part of the day rather than throughout the day (so take that into account when planning your tests)
-having merely “normal” uric acid is often not enough to get rid of gout for good (certainly it wasn’t enough for me)