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Sorry for the delayed response, I was traveling for work.

Thank you very much for all the information!! I definitely think I’m going to try the allopurinol. (I’m Irish and Italian) so will do the 50 or 100 to start. I know these questions are almost impossible to answer because everyone’s body is different, especially with gout. But 1) in your experience should allopurinol allow me to live my life as normal? ie. eat meat regulatory and consume alcohol. 2) (again I know this is just a guess/opinion) but given my levels are low, if I’m on allopurinol for 2 – 3 years and my body is able to dissolve the current crystals, would I be able to come off the medication and basically starting over from ground zero?

In regards to my diet when this happened (losing the 25 lbs in two months). I was doing the intermittent fasting (wouldn’t eat after 6pm) and would box for an hour the next morning on an empty stomach. I also switched to eating salmon every day for lunch for the two months. Basically I did everything wrong!