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You did lose weight so you got one thing right at least. But yeah, you could have done it more gently.

I’ve seen people on allopurinol eating meat and drinking alcohol, sure. Your body needs to tolerate the drug and you need to be regular with the pills. It’s as simple as that. Well, first you need to get the dose right.
People have been able to take extended breaks from allopurinol after taking it for long enough to clean up their system but I don’t think that’s like starting over with a clean slate. Once your immune system has learned to target uric acid, you’ll form crystals quicker than people who never had gout. It’s kind of like getting a vaccine. If you are able to keep your uric acid down by working on your lifestyle though, you could in theory quit allpurinol for many years, until aging causes your uric acid to creep back up. Some people have so much uric acid that they’ll need to be taking allopurinol (or something similar) for life. But that’s not your situation.