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Keith Taylor

Update for Craig ( @craig-schadt ).

I hope you’re still visiting GoutPal, Craig. Because I found a source of Kirin Tanrei Double Platinum purine-free beer at Rakuten Global Market. Unfortunately, this product was out of stock when I looked. But, it’s worth checking to see if new stocks arrive. Note that this is the global site, not the USA site which doesn’t sell specialist goods.

The company is a global shipper for Japanese products. So while browsing their catalog I found:

  • Japanese beer Ryoma 1865 – alcohol-free and purine-free.
  • Asahi-style free (FREE STYLE) purine zero 500 ml – 6% alcohol.
  • 350 ml of Sapporo Goku Zero – purine-free, 5% alcohol.
Purine-free Beer for Gout

Which is your favorite Purine-free Beer for Gout?

The catalog has many more purine-free beers, especialy zero-alcohol. But some are restricted from international shipping.