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I looked over your posts and I see I messed up. While you’ve been taking allo for 5 months, it’s not clear how long you’ve been taking a strong enough allopurinol dose. If it’s only been “the last couple of months”, then it’s not surprising at all you still have symptoms.

You also don’t state the naproxen and colchicine doses you’ve tried. They may be inadequate. Fixing that could perhaps give you some relief but you should get that plan greenlighted by a doc (likewise, ask about taking both drugs at the same time).

Other than that, sure: drink water.
And make sure you keep the blood flowing (a traditional way to help with that at home has been bathing your foot in warm water but you might as well take a hot shower if you can stand). Like, avoid sitting in a cramped place without moving or tight socks/shoes. Some recommend exercise (I’d make that very mild exercise if the affected joint is at all involved).
Elevation helps with the swelling and pain but I don’t think it helps with the underlyling problem (that might even hinder its resolution if you keep it up for too long though switching between elevation, non-elevation and back might actually help a bit). Simply relaxing (an actual painkiller might help if the pain becomes unbearable) should also help a it.