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Keith Taylor

Arguably, inducing your users to generate ad revenue in exchange for the PDF files means that you are effectively profiting (or trying to profit) from the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted works which is worse than handing out the stuff freely.
Better let people find the material themselves.

Thank you very much for that. It is absolutely correct. And the bold is because I should be teaching how to fish, not feeding people.

So I’m going to take down all the PDFs. Because the only reason I started making them available was so that patients could refer their doctors to published studies rather than annoy them by saying “I read on the Internet…”

Ultimately, I’ll introduce a statement in the References section of articles. Replacing links to PDFs with something like:

"You might refer to these studies when discussing your gout management plan with your doctor. Your doctor is likely to have access to the published material. But if you or your doctor need help in finding the publication, please ask in the gout forum."

Finally, that leaves research that I’m currently investigating with a view to improving GoutPal facts. I have an idea to start a private forum to hold my work-in-progress. Then if any members are interested in that topic, they can ask to collaborate with the explanations. But I’ll think more about that depending on future responses.

Thanks for helping me think a little more clearly about this. 🙂