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Keith Taylor

OOps! I might need to retract my last comment. Because after I posted it I looked for links between gout and atherosclerosis. Now it gets tricky!

My first likely result was:
Krishnan, Eswar. “Inflammation, oxidative stress and lipids: the risk triad for atherosclerosis in gout.” Rheumatology 49, no. 7 (2010): 1229-1238.

That review has a section, “Gout and hyperuricaemia and inflammation”, which implicates gouty inflammation as a probable cause of atherosclerosis. Though there are likely to be genetic factors. Significantly, uric acid itself is likely to cause atherosclerosis. So it’s a double-whammy! Or actually, a triple whammy when gout-related oxidative stress is considered. Hence the “risk triad” in the title.

Now, none of that suggests that it is healthier to take anti-inflammatories to remove one of the three threats. Because there might also be cardiovascular risks from anti-inflammatory meds. So this is exactly the type of risk management situation that doctors get paid for.

I’m happy to find some relevant research to enhance your discussions with your medical team (I bet they hate me). But I guess you can only be guided by a thorough physical examination of how inflammation is affecting your body. In any event, the best solution has to be to get uric acid down. So how’s that going?