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Keith Taylor

In response to Nobody’s:

At this stage, I wouldn’t recommend a daily colchicine dose. If you were to feel incoming gouty symptoms a few days after the dose increase though, you could go for a pill just in case (and quit colchicine once that went away).

The only gout doctor I ever trusted advised 2 weeks colchicine with each allopurinol dose increase. So because I trusted him that’s exactly what I did the first couple of times. Then I went back to “as-required”.

For me, that worked better. But I’d had many years of recognizing gouty symptoms. So I could know upon waking if a flare-up was imminent. In which case, ibuprofen almost always worked for me.

It’s not that I’ve anything against colchicine. But personally, I found ibuprofen a better choice for me. So I feel it’s very important to:
1. Understand how each different type of gout pain relief works.
2. Be aware of your gout symptoms each and every day.
3. Discuss your options with your doctor so everyone involved is “singing off the same sheet”.

In terms of uric acid treatment @d-q have you discussed uricosurics with your doctor in combination with febuxostat? I can’t see anything in your history here, but the search of topic histories is as fallible as my memory. 😉