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Rebecca Nahid

Sorry guys I should have stated my uric acid in the mmol/L range! It is 0.27 mmol/L and my doctor seemed very happy with that so presumably I am okay carrying on with the 100mg as it seems to suit me.

My last test was done earlier in the year I do have to remind my doctor as I don’t find that he automatically notifies me. He’s really good though and are usually just email the surgery for his attention and ask to be sent for blood tests which he happily does.

I am really loving Slimming World I don’t stay for the meetings because a lot of it is not relevant to me and what I eat thought the people seem lovely.

I’ve tried one of the ready meals but it wasn’t that great there isn’t much of a selection for vegans. I do love making Slimming World chips and roast potatoes and my favorite recipe at the moment is mixing cooked butternut squash with butter beans and garlic with some lemon juice and oil you can eat it hot or cold as a dip 😊