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I’m so sorry Dean.
You should really get your doctors examined! Unfortunately, it may prove difficult or even hopeless to find better ones in your area.
Where to start?

First, Uloric 80mg is much stronger than allopurinol 100mg or even 300mg. So your 267 umol test result should not have been any kind of surprise (tests do not naturally drop anywhere as low during an attack!). If you had stayed on that drug, it would have cured your gout about as quickly as it can be cured. Unfortunately, as you noticed curing gout is painful and takes a long time. And delaying treatment means it’s only going to take longer to cure down the road.
Going from nothing to 80mg Uloric is crazy. Aside from the drug’s potentially dangerous side effects, brutal drops in uric acid is known to increase the risk of serious gout symptoms. And that drop was brutal indeed.
But once you have gotten your uric acid that low, you shouldn’t let it climb back. And there’s no way the allopurinol doses recommended by your rheuma will keep your uric acid down!
So my main recommendation is that you promprly get a doctor (any kind of doctor… even a veterinarian if that’s what it takes) to put you back on Uloric or to give you a stronger allopurinol dose (it’s prudent to ramp up allopurinol rather than to suddently take a huge dose but you’d need to ramp up your dose faster than 100mg a month).
Note that I’ve been assuming you really have gout. You certainly have the signs that way but you never know without a definite test.
Another disclaimer: we’re talking about dangerous drugs and you haven’t shared your blood test results (other than uric acid) so I don’t know if you liver looks like it can handle 80mg Uloric for instance. So get some doctor (again, any doctor!) to do some due diligence about the side effects.

I’ll post about inflammation and pain drugs later since I’m not familiar with every drug name you’ve posted. Maybe some of these are brand names and I’d recognize the name of the actual drug. I’ll look that up.

There’s other stuff in your post that would require comments and corrections like the red meat thing but we can’t deal with everything at once.

As horrible as your experience was, it does sound like you were on the way to getting your life back for a while. I know curing gout doesn’t feel like you’re getting better but the blood tests don’t lie! You just need to keep at it a bit longer and stop the doctors from harming you more than is necessary.