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Dean Brown

Thanks for your feedback, guys. All of this has really affected my mental health, especially since I feel like I can’t get a proper professional to help me. The Uloric impact on my liver showed that I was high and out of range on Gamma GT and one other liver test that I can’t recall at the minute. The rheumatologist I saw said he wasn’t too concerned about it – this was the same guy who told me that my dropped acid levels would not be accurate. What I experienced every night while on Uloric was an intense burning and swelling and redness in my foot in the evening times or after more than 10 minutes walking. I don’t know whether the steroid injection has helped those side effects/pains a bit since they’ve not been as intense or whether they’ve settled somewhat while on the low dose of Allopurinol. I just feel like I’ve been getting so many mixed opinions on this and I’ve been put on drugs and taken off drugs willy nilly. I can’t walk too far without my foot swelling up and burning and at this stage I don’t know whether it’s from gout, meds or a combination of both. I really want my active lifestyle back after six months of this misery before it leads me into depression.