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One problem with allopurinol is that you reported what could be gastrointestinal side effects. Another is that it may well cause the same liver stress as Uloric once you reach an effective dose (you haven’t tried one yet). A third is that you’d need to ramp up your dose quite quickly which would initially require frequent blood tests and a serious doctor.

The exact tests results for your liver matter. See if you can get ahold of them because being a little out of range is typically not a problem. But considering the unspecified stress on your liver (which may be caused by Difene or other drugs rather than Uloric for all we know), I would recommend you try a slightly smaller Uloric dose such as 60mg (half a 120mg tablet if you can get hold of one of these). There should be a dose small enough that your liver would not be bothered even during the first months before your body gets used to the drug. Only that dose is going to be different in every case.
I double-checked and 267 umol/l is indeed about what you’d expect on 80mg. There are more or less random variations in test results which is why you’d ideally want several test results before drawing inferences but, based on the information I have, the minimum effective dose for you might be 40mg (this figure will have to be revised once more data comes in). It’d be best if you took a bit more but you most likely don’t need twice as much.

The burning and swelling are not unexpected when you are curing gout. Any inflammation you get from gout when your uric acid tests low (as it did when you were on Uloric) is only temporary. It’s something that you’ll have to deal with once and for all or your condition will get worse over the years.
The one thing you need to make sure is that the inflammation isn’t caused by an infection. This is very rare but you never know. If you have a fever or other signs of a an infection, get that checked very quickly, espeically if it looks like an infection that might be spreading or if your body’s temperature gets very high.

Hopefully I’ll get around to writing about other drugs before too long but the most important thing is to keep your uric acid low and your most realistic options to achieve this are allopurinol and Uloric. So work on that first! If they are both proven to be unsuitable for you, other options might be explored but you need to give at least one of these two drugs a serious try first.