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Dean Brown

Here are my results:

Total Protein: 81 g/l
Albumin: 48 g/l
Total Bilirubin: 11.7 umol/l
*Alanine Aminotransferase: 58 iu/l
Alkaline Phosphatase: 61 iu/l
*Gamma GT: 74
Uric Acid: 286 umol/l

The ones with * have a note under them on the results that states “indicates a result outside reference range”. Again, the rheumatologist didn’t take much heed of any of the results of this because he said I had the test done during an attack. I wasn’t experiencing an attack per se when they were done or in the weeks preceding the test, instead it was just burning, swelling and redness in the big toe and entire foot for that matter. He was very dismissive of me and was hard to get a straight answer from.

So basically what you guys are saying is, that unless I go back on Uloric I run the risk of my acid levels shooting up again and new crystals forming because the dose of Allopurinol I’m on isn’t strong enough and the increase timeframe the rheumotogolist suggested still won’t get me to the point the Uloric I was on did. So I’ve gone through the pain of dropping my acid levels abruptly on strong meds and now that it’s done it’ll creep up until I get the Allopurinol to a level that it’ll start to drop the acid enough to dissolve the existing crystals and the ones that may form in the meantime. Oh man, that’s crushing news. I thought I was well on my way now. I don’t know who to see professionally at this stage: the rheumotologist will dismiss this and stick to his “the bloods are not accurate” angle and my doctor is clueless – I had to personally request that he include a liver check on my blood tests after the 40 days on Uloric. He didn’t even know this was needed. I’m based in Ireland so if anyone knows of anyone who understands the condition intimately, then I’d be very grateful.

Thanks for the assistance.