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He’s right that Uloric can cause more pain than allopurinol. But that’s only because clueless doctors give their patients too much Uloric too suddenly.
What dose did he just tell you to take?

About controlling the swelling and pain while you are cleaning your system, my understanding is that you are currently taking 150mg Difene per day but no corticosteroid, colchicine or analgesic. Is that right? Are you still taking a PPI? You’d probably benefit from taking something on top of the Difene and a PPI but I want to get the facts rights first.
Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you have a history of addiction or drug abuse (any drug, including nicotine and alcohol)? Have you discussed your entierly natural feelings of hopelessness and doubt with a doctor? Are you getting your blood pressure checked?
In any case I recommend you get some mild exercise which does not trigger redness, swelling or pain. You want to do smooth movements and avoid shocks as well as heavy weights. Swimming in moderately warm water would be nice for instance. Make sure you have solid shoes which protect your feet well and be careful while walking as long as it seems to trigger such symptoms. If you feel that would be helpful, you can use a walking aid. Certainly it would be prudent to have something at hand to help you walk in case you get a violent attack.
I have no experience with Epsom salt but bathing your feet in warm water is a good idea anyway. Never let your feet get too cold by the way. You might also want to try raising your foot above your body for a little while before putting it back down as often as that is practical during your day. I noticed you reporting that evenings are especially difficult for you. This suggests to me that you are either having a poor posture (or clothes which restrict your blood flow) during too much of the day or that you are tensing your muscles too much during the day. Better pain medication could help with the latter problem but you could also try to pick up some kind of relaxation routine.
I also recommend experimenting a bit with your diet. In particular see if avoiding certain fats or limiting your salt intake seems to help with your symptoms. Different people’s immune systems react to different foods so see what works for you (possibly nothing will make any difference). Among the things which reduce uric acid and might therefore be helpful in combination with a lower Uloric dose are low-fat dairy products such as yoghurt. And be sure to drink lots of water (2.5 litres per day may not be quite enough depending on your size).