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Dean Brown

I rang another local pharmacist this morning after taking my first 80mg since my pharmacist told me not to split them, and they said that they couldn’t see an issue with splitting the 80mg even though there’s no split mark on the back of the tablet. They said it should be ok. It’s crazy how many opinions differ because professionals don’t know the medication they’re prescribed/selling. So do you think it would be a good idea to stop taking 80mg and tomorrow begin with the split (40mg) and stay on that for a week and then take 3/4 (60mg) of a tablet a day for another week and build it up that way to try lessen the severity of the burning and swelling? Since codipar doesn’t work for me in this case, do you recommend any other analgesic? I’m a bit sensitive to codeine so I usually avoid it if possible. Thanks again for all the advice – I should have posted on here back in May and I might not be in this position now!