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@Keith – thank you for that excellent post / idea!

Hi, I’ve also done some reading and yes 360ummol is generally the cut off line and with 350ummol being the absolute limit. I guess me still being in the treatment stage and not the maintenance phase I would assume a little lower would be more beneficial? Out of curiosity @nobody, what UA levels would you recommend as a safe and stay in zone whilst in the treatment phase prior to going into maintenance levels? <300 or would <330 be fine for a few months?

On another note and I know its being actively discussed in another thread is the possibility of cutting pills. I had a little talk with my pharmacist the other day in regards to splitting the 120mgs and the 80mgs to get 100mgs and she strongly recommended I do not do this. I asked for her reasoning and she said it is treated so that is absorbed further down the gut. Splitting the tablet exposes one side to stomach acids which can disrupt this process. Now we both know I split the tablets from day one all the way to get to 80mgs and things seemed to work fine however I did some internet reading a little later and will post the references when possible but apparently splitting these tablets is indeed not recommended. From what I understood is;

If a tablet is not scored then there is no guarantee of chemical / medicinal distribution, dissolution rates and chemical stability within the tablet according to the FDA and certain other articles. You could get 75% of the 80mgs on the left and 25% of it on the right. That would give you 60mgs if you took the left of the tablet and no more then about 20mgs if you took the right.

Now I’m not too sure of this is to protect drug companies or how much of this is to guarantee people continue to pay for larger doses even though it is not required but it really has got me a little worried with the 50% 120mgs and 50% of 80mgs. Let’s say if all this is true especially the distribution part; wouldn’t that then mean there is a possibility I could get 80mgs from the 120mgs tablet split and 60mgs from the 80mgs split totalling more then 140mgs which even more then 120mgs I am trying to avoid taking?

I’m a little bewildered as to what to do..?

@nobody; shoot me some advice!