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First, it would indeed be safer for you to cut a bit off the 120mg pill than to combine two pills. I think the risk is neglibible and I would combine pills if I needed to but I’ve never actually tried it, I of course have no proof it is safe and I understand if you don’t want to take chances…

I have however been splitting a single pill in order to take it over several days for quite some time. And the blood tests have been consistent with the dose being controlled as one would expect by splitting. The test results aren’t subtle or overwhelmed by noise.
However it is conceivable that there are differences from one day to the next between the actual doses I’ve been taking and that these differences cancel out over time. If what mattered most for uric acid as well as the side effects I’ve experienced is how much febuxostat one takes over a week rather than over a single day then of course it wouldn’t matter much if the stuff was poorly distributed through the tablets I’ve been splitting.
Subjectively, I did experience different side effects over the course of a single day from taking half a pill as opposed to a quarter of a pill but these side effects haven’t been as consistent as the test restults and might conceivably have been driven more by the dose I thought I was taking than the dose I was actually taking. That’s kind of a strech since I was initially suprised by the side effects but I can’t rule it out nor can I prove it wrong with objective measurements.
Other potentially deadly side effects might conceivably show up if you were to take more than 120mg over a single day. I have zero experience with this and can’t rule it out either so again, I understand if you don’t want to combine pills.

This stuff about non-absorption in the stomach however is laughable considering that they do sell scored tablets which have no film between the scored halves of the pill. There also are ingredient lists on the packages… what do the scored tablets contain that would prevent absorption in the stomach? And the studies backing their marketing authorization in several countries look at the effect of 40mg which you can only get by splitting these tablets. Are we to believe than they spend money on separate manufacturing processes for no other purpose than to harm people who split non-scored tablets?
Please consider you are basically talking to a non-sadistic but murderous psychopath when you’re talking to people representing certain pharmaceutical interests. What they are doing kills people and they are doing it for profit. There are cheaper, less dangerous and more conveninent pills and dosing recommendations in many countries and there is no medical reason we couldn’t use them. But we have to put up with this shit for no other purpose than to create a monopolitic rent.