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@nobody ‘n’ @keith

Thank you both for those invaluable responses. I delayed responding until today because I have a small update for you both and would like your advice;

1. I did my usual haematology bloods the other day and UA levels had risen to 408ummol on 80mgs! That’s the highest level I have had since starting 80mgs months ago. Two days prior to the blood test I did take two colchicine tablets as I did have very similar gout pain and didn’t want to risk it. It wasn’t major by far but it was definitely noticeable. Could the elevation of UA levels be something to do with that pain? Maybe a minor gout attack? Maybe just noise?

2. I decided to take on board your advice and f**k it just split both pills in half to get 100mgs. I’m on my 7th day on this dose and so far things seem OK. I’ve got my next blood test in a 3 or so days which I’ll use to check usual markers. I relies it may not be long enough but at least will give pointers.
What I was thinking was I could potentially try 90mgs? Maybe cut the 120mgs into 2 then split that again into 2. So 60mgs + 30mgs? Would that be better then going straight to 100mgs?

3. @nobody you mentioned it was about how much you take over the week and not really over how much per day, I was wondering how that would pan out if I took an alternating dose of 120mgs and 80mgs. We discussed with @keith that this is not Allopurinol to have miniscule adjustment leverage but alternating whilst starting on 80mgs gives a total of 680mgs weekly dose whereas 100mgs would give a total of 700mgs. Would alternating really be that much of a problem? Pill splitting is not an issue, it’s just curiosity really as it adds a touch more convenience..? [The possibility of taking over 120mgs a day despite the risk being low is just a little worrying (drug distribution in conversation)]

4. Agree with you both on the coating side of things – I started at 20mgs cutting all the way to 80mgs and saw no real difference in overall results.

5. The commercial side of things applies to everything. Its a cold world and nobody really has anyone’s interests at heart in the medicinal world. Sometimes I even think major sport results are rigged. Which in some cases probably are! I guess you gotta look at the very minor but important plus side which is it provides jobs and security for people.

6. I had a look at that site and indeed it is very interesting. My rheumatologist did discuss with me in the earlier days how I was achieving 20mgs cuts and 40mgs and 60mgs etc. I simply explained I cut the pill twice. He’s first and most immediate reaction was a little grin and then went on to say how are you guaranteeing even distribution of the pill when you do such minor cuts..? I simply responded with, I can’t guarantee it but the bettering results can 🙂 The conversation ended there which suggests he may not be approving of the technique.

Finally, I’m just using a standard pill cutter that I purchased from boots a while ago. Seems to do the trick. Occasionally splits a larger piece but then I take the smaller piece of the other split pill 🙂

and to end on;

Thank you for contacting our company regarding our product, Adenuric (febuxostat).

You enquired if the Adenuric 80mg tablets can be halved to deliver a 40mg dose. As stated in the SmPC (section 4.2): The recommended oral dose of Adenuric is 80 mg once daily without regard to food. If serum uric acid is > 6 mg/dL(357 μmol/L) after 2-4 weeks, ADENURIC 120 mg once daily may be considered. We do not recommend that the 80mg tablets are halved in an attempt to obtain a 40mg dose. Adenuric tablets are not intended to be split, are film-coated and have no score line. In addition, the formulation does not guarantee an even distribution of the active ingredient throughout the tablet. This would constitute an unlicensed use of febuxostat.

We hope this information proves useful to you.

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