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I am a gout patient and this is the first time I have read your articles. While reading through I was telling myself ‘jeez. this doctor really knows what he is talking about, because I had experienced them’. And then I saw your personal information that you’re not a doctor but a sufferer too. Only people like you and me who have experienced gout attacks will really know the pain and disadvantages. Sad to say, doctors do not really know about it and do a lot of guess work!!

I always have my gout in my left ankle and it started back in 2010. The doctor always gave me an injection for pain relief and nothing else. I always have 2 to 3 attacks in a year.

I asked a friend who also has gout if there was an alternative to injection and he recommended Diclofenac 100mg because he takes it too. So whenever I can feel the first small sign of tingling or discomfort on my ankle I took a diclofenac and it would go away.

My gout had started with red meat and I stopped eating red meat and only ate chicken as advised by the doctor. When sometimes that strong urge comes in to eat red meat like beef steak, lamb barbecue, liver curry etc, I went ahead and nothing happens! My wife always get so angry when she learns that I had beef steak in town. I always tell her I want to enjoy life and we only live once….and don’t worry diclofenac is on stand-by…ha..ha…!!

In 2016 I was prescribed Allopurinol 100mg tablets by the doctor. After a few months another doctor cancelled Allopurinol and prescribed Colchicine. Last year 2017, another doctor said Colchicine is dangerous and told me to go back to Allopurinol. I told my wife I have been treated like a guinea pig.

Last month, I had an attack after eating chicken soup, and I was puzzled. I agree with you to say that it is different for every sufferer. I am taking allopurinol 100mg as directed by the doctor.

You are really true about moderation in meat intake and lots of vegetables. You sir have really enlightened me about gout and the best treatment for it. Thank you so much for sharing with us and the invaluable advice.