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Hi @Keith – Yes, truth be told the frustration I’m going through and still enduring with rheumatologists that don’t really understand gout as much as I thought they would makes me sick. I’m constantly battling them with the most simple of questions yet their answers are jotty at best. Simple examples;

Me: “But we need to get lower then 413ummol for safety?” (May consultation)
Doc 1: “Not necessary, its normal now so just continue as usual”

Me: “Don’t we need to monitor liver and kidney whilst on this drug”
Doc 2: “Yes, we can do those tests too”

Me: “Shouldn’t we start with a lower dose first (80mgs Febuxostat)”
Doc 2: “It’s fine go for 80mgs straight away”

Me: “Shouldn’t we do a 24hr UA test” – this went on for over around a year
Doc 1 and 2: “No need, it wont change treatment options” – Possibly true I guess…

This DECT scan is what I want to ask about next but I get this pessimistic feeling he wont do it (or know what it is).

– I’ll start another topic on the Alkaline Water side of things.

and Keith – On the other side of things; the blood test result after moving to 100mgs now stand at 340ummol. So it seems that extra 20mgs dropped us +-20ummol and that previous 413ummol does like you say show some sort of artefact. Definitely diminishing results in respect to what 20mgs initially done for me back when I started however it’s still an improvement.

I have another blood test coming up in a week or so for my hemo which will include urate so we can see what that result shows although it will only be a 9 day gap from the previous test.

If it still lies within ~340ummol would you recommend going up to 120mgs?
I know 350ummol and below is “good” but not “safe” according to Keith’s chart and i’m a little bewildered as what to do going forward? :/

Thank you both so much!