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larry wagner

On Christmas Day I came down with respiratory flu. I’m still not completely recovered from it. Two weeks ago on a Friday I suffered a sudden attack of gout. Same location as first time. Joint of left big toe. Pain on top, bottom and side of joint. Swelling in foot. My Dr was able to see me the following Monday. I stopped taking the baking soda as you suggested prior to seeing the doctor and having the blood draw. My doctor was very helpful. He asked the lab to run the tests you suggested. He gave me the prior year results of my uric acid levels. Two weeks ago, with the attack in full swing, it was 6.6. In 2018 it was 5.1. in 2017 6.0. In 2016 5.6. In 2015 5.8. My uric acid level has never been over 7.0 (out of range) according to my doctor. That is the reason he has been okay with me using baking soda and not insisted on allopurinol. He prescribed a six day regimen of steroids. He suggested two options. I told him the anti inflammatory drugs constipated me. I did not resume the baking soda until three days into the steroids. The swelling was going down rather slowly. I have faith in the baking soda. Whenever I have had twinges in the past, an increase in the baking soda for a few days has things back to normal. To answer your questions. Uric acidity – which I believe is UA pH is 5.5.My doctor said a blood acidity result would require an arterial blood gas draw. I know from my son, who used to be a lab tech and my doctor that I would not want to undergo that due to the pain. Albumin is 4.2 and Creatinine is 1.1. eGFR AA = 79. eGFR Non-AA = 65. Protein total = 7.4. ALT = 25. AST = 26. Alk Phos = 145 (H). Bilirubin = 0.6. My blood pressure was something like 110 over 80. It has been low like this since I retired around 10 years ago. My glucose level is 110. It was 115 last year and always under 100 in prior years. UA protein = 30. At this point, 2 weeks later, I still have some discomfort in the toe, am taking my minimum amount of baking soda and am able to walk at a reduced pace for 35 minutes without stirring it up too much. Thank you, Larry