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Hm. I do eat very healthy, not much of a sweets eater, I don’t drink sweetened beverages at all, and I’m by no means a problem drinker. I enjoy a few drinks a week, and I’d like to not fear eating meat for dinner a couple of times a week. I’ve long since all but eradicated processed or artificial foods and refined sugars from my life, autonomous of my gout issue. Now that I’m taking my gout treatment more seriously, I’m also hyperaware of my meat and beer related purine intake. I was just curious how strict one needs to be when treating the problem with medication vs not.

I know nutritional science is a lot of speculation, but I do consider myself to be more savvy than the average person on the subject. You could say I’m hyperaware of my nutritional intake in general as it’s a big part of what I do for a living. I guess I was hoping for a more scientific correlation between Allopurinol use and dietary SUA, but it’s likely that kind of information doesn’t exist. Wishful thinking I suppose.