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Yeah, I’m not aware of any real research on the issue. It doesn’t seem like a very productive research topic really since allopurinol can cure almost every gout patient who can tolerate it and its dosage has very little scientific basis to begin with.
Purines aren’t a big factor compared to the uncertainty regarding how low you should try to get your UA. Alcohol as such (not the purines in alcoholic drinks) is more of a problem in my opinion, as are nutritional deficiencies which can, together with allopurinol and excessive purine intake, contribute to kidney problems in the long run.

You can be much, much less strict with your diet after successful treatment. Again, the side effects of the drugs are the main concern, not gout attacks. In the initial phase of tratment, while you are still experiencing gout symptoms, I would recommend some caution but even at that stage, there’s little point in being very strict.
As long as you tolerate allopurinol well, you can eat meat without fearing gout. No question. Heart disease, kidney disease and so forth are much more serious concerns. Meat is only a serious problem for gout if you aren’t getting treatment or if you can’t moderate your consumption.

My turn to ask you a question since you care about your purine intake: where do you get informtion about the purines contained in your beer?
I’m not trying to justify consuming beer since I haven’t had a beer in decades but there’s bound to be great differences between beers and I strongly suspect beer is generally nowhere as bad as it’s made out to be. I have some idea of how dangerous beer yeast is but I don’t think I’ve ever seen useful data about actual beer.