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The couple of fairly relevant looking purine lists I have looked at do list by how much of each purine various foods contain and/or a number relative to the amount of uric acid the food produces. Not that I know exactly what the numbers mean, I only assumed these were good for watching for an overall intake balance or putting foods to scale. Case in point, common mammal muscle meats (beef, chicken, pork) seem to be pretty close in purine content, yet many gout diet guidelines espouse lean meats such as chicken as better options. Meanwhile, a meat like pork belly which is very high fat actually has less purines than lean chicken breast.

I’ve also read that some people obsess over higher purine vegetables and legumes (spinach, asparagus, lentils, etc) and have claimed them to cause attacks, while other sources say to basically discount any plant derived purine intake. Common sense tells me one should probably worry about plant based purines in conjunction with the bigger offending animal based ones and/or alcohol intake. Cumulative effect would make sense to me.

And just for the record, I assumed that clinical studies that have taken the time to analyze purine contents of foods for hyperuricemia/gout related studies have done the legwork of pre-distinguishing the bad purines for us. Of course we all know the old saying about the word “ass-u-me”.

So if tracking purine content/intake isn’t a wise option, what guidelines would you suggest?

I also just saw in another post you suggested “eating foods known to lower uric acid”. I’ve only seen clinical evidence for one thing consistently lowering uric acid in trials, Vitamin C. And that is only by a percentage too low to be of any real relief to someone with hyperuricemia.