Reply To: Hip Bursitis and Gout


I would personally take colchicine or naproxen before pain gets to 5.
But these numbers are of course subjective. And everyone reacts differently to the drugs. It’s useful to read about what other people are doing because it gives you ideas you can try out. But you’ll have to come to your own conclusions.

This warning is probaly pointless but 60mg colchine may very well be a deadly dose. You’re not supposed to take much more than 1mg at once or more than a few mgs over the course of a day. The pills are usually 0.6mg, 1mg, or 0.5mg so I don’t think anyone would accidentally take 60mg but I’d rather clear this up just in case…

As to your original question, yes: trying smaller doses first generally makes a lot of sense when there is no emergency. There are exceptions like antibiotics but I’m not aware of a reason to avoid non-standard steroid doses. But steroids are something I know very little about. I don’t think there’s any forum regular who has much experience with this class of drugs unfortunately.